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Institute of Financial Accounting and Auditing

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Based on the Chinese economic reform and the need for globalization, the Institute of Financial Accounting and Auditing is focused on the frontiers and trends of accounting and auditing. Striving to become an influential research institution in accounting academia and business community, the institute conducts think tank research on major development strategies, policies and hot issues, such as government accounting reform, corporate accounting standards reform, new auditing standards, implementation of internal control system, financial analysis, tax accounting, etc..
In recent years, the institute has made the following achievements: 3 national research projects, 15 provincial/ministerial research projects, over 100 papers published in renowned domestic and foreign academic journals; 12 published books of monographs/textbooks/translated works, 11 scientific research awards in or above the provincial/ministerial level. One member of the Institute was selected by the Ministry of Finance to participate in the "Accounting Master Training Project", and two were selected for the "National Accounting Leading Talents Training Project ".