Degree Education

Characteristics of Professional Degree Education

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Our professional degree education is dedicated to innovative education mode,develop degree education benchmark,cultivate the compound senior financial and economic talents with international vision.

1、Professional Teaching and Research Team

At present, XNAI has built an optimized-scale teaching and research team consisted of Honorary Professors, Full-time Assistant Professors, Chair Professors and Visiting scholars, policy-makers, agency head and senior finance managers of larger enterprises.

2、Professional Curriculum Design

(1)Basic Module

Theory and Practice of Chinese Socialism System
Chinese Traditional Culture
English Reading and Writing
Oral English

(2)Core Module

Fundamental Accounting
Managerial Economics
Modern Economics Theory
Financial Accounting Theory and Practice
Management Accounting Theory and Practice
Financial Management Theory and Practice
Auditing Theory and Practice
Business and Professional Ethics for Accountants
Taxation Theory and Policy
Taxation System of China
International Taxation
Tax Administration
Tax Planning and Risk Management

(3)Elective Module

Financial Statement Analysis
Internal Control Theory and Practice
Finance and Financial Derivatives
The New Basel Capital Accord
Capital Operation Theory and Practice
Strategic Management
Quantitative Analysis
Public Finance and Government Accounting
Economic Law
Management Information System

(4)Practical Module

English Salon
Case Study